The greatest advantage of our services is the "Insiders Knowledge" we have of the local market. We know who has unadvertised rent specials or weekend only discounts. Many of the properties are eager to fill vacancies. They might offer two, four, sometimes six weeks of FREE rent which can be taken up front or prorated over the term of the lease. These discounts can be $100's if not $1000's!

EXAMPLE: A one-bedroom renting for $750 with only two weeks free rent on a six-month lease will lower your monthly rent $62 (avg.) each month! Find that at a property already paying the cable bill ($40) and that could be a savings of over $600 in a six month lease!

Same property could also have a weekend only "Look & Lease" special with an extra two weeks free rent in addition to the normal two weeks free rent on a six month (example above) this would result in savings of up to $160 PER MONTH or $960 in six months! The savings can be significant!

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