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As our cities continue to boom, so does the rental market. Neighborhoods that were not long ago considered “undesirable”, namely Downtown areas, Deep Ellum, Uptown, etc., have experienced an incredible resurgence that has transformed them into some of the hottest places to reside. Spectacular new luxury rental buildings are going up everywhere, even in these revitalized areas, where high-end amenities have never been offered before.

Seeking a residence should not consist of all work and worry - it should be fun and invigorating. Let us handle it for you. With offices throughout D/FW, we know exactly what it takes to find just what you are looking for, no matter how monumental the task may seem.

With over 3496 communities in the area, we use a combination of database searches and personal confirmation to narrow the properties to a manageable number. Our goal is to provide you with only the most eligible properties that will offer your desired amenities, in your time & price range. Allowing you to spend your valuable time effectively.

Our highly seasoned rental agents have listings in every area, and to help facilitate your search and give you prompt, high quality results. Our rental team has been finding homes for people for over five years and has immediate access to of up-to-dated listings all over the Metroplex.

We listen carefully to your needs, review all your options, and then provide you the best of what is out there (or maybe say “show you the best on the market”). As time is always of the essence in this high-demand market, we prepare you well and way ahead of time to make sure you don't miss out on a dream opportunity because your paperwork wasn't right, or because you couldn't get to the bank in time to access money for the landlord.

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Timeline for moving

In order to increase your selection of available apartments, you need to be flexible with your move-in date; two weeks before or after your desired date.  Summer is the most competitive season for apartments and units turn over much more quickly than in any other season, often in a day. Be prepared to make decisions quickly in the busier seasons. In times where vacancies are the properties offer great move in specials


1 Day





 Sign lease paperwork get keys






 Connect electric, phone, cable and other utilities






 Visit properties, decide on best option, submit application





 Narrow list to number you can visit in your search time-frame




 Decide on area, budget, must haves and any other desired amenities




Schedule Your Move-In Date Immediately After Signing A Lease. Ask your broker or landlord about restrictions regarding hours, days and holidays. Clarify when and where to pick up keys to your new apartment.

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Rental Tips:

Ten properties are the most anyone should consider trying to see.

Many properties require you to book appointments well in advance try to schedule all your showings for one day. Depending on the time & day you visit the properties; the average time is 30 min. (On weekends that could be as long as an hour)!  To make best use of your time we provide only the most eligible ones in a summary with current availability vacancies and specials.

Imagine spending 20 minutes waiting to speak to a leasing agent only to find that have 1st floor unit when you wanted 3rd and no specials, when two blocks away a much newer property has several to choose, great specials and the rent averaging lower than the first older property with no specials or discounts.

Fill out the guest card you agent provided you and print as many as properties you plan to visit. This one tool will save you ten minutes at each property repeating you name, address, phone, work etc.  It will also aid in reminding you

The ability to move 5 - 7 days after the first of month – Gives the greatest number apartments from which to choose since most people move end of the month and the properties will need 5 – 7 business days for ‘make-ready’ time. If you needed to be in by end of the month a great percentage of available apt’s will not be ready in time unless they have cancellations, middle of month moves out, or carry over from prior months!

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What to bring for a rental search

  •  Driver's License, Passport, or other form of personal photo identification. You will not be allowed to view a property without at least one form of identification!

  • Employer Verification Letter On company letterhead, signed by supervisor stating salary, guaranteed bonus, title, start date, and housing allowance, if any. (made changes)

  • Funds First month's rent, security deposit, and application fees. Rent & Security are due, usually in the form of two checks or money orders, on the day of apartment selection. If you do not have an account established here, you may choose to bring travelers checks or arrange to have funds wired to an appropriate account here in Dallas / Ft. Worth

  • Credit Application Information Names, Phone Numbers, Addresses of Employer, Bankers, Accountant, Last Landlords and Guarantor.

  • Last Years Tax Returns, Most Recent Bank Statement, Pay stubs

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