Dallas Real Estate Market Ranks Top Five in Forecast for Positive Home Price Gains

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Dallas Real Estate Market Ranks Top Five Postive Home Price Gains 

Dallas Real Estate Market Ranks Top Five in Home Price Gains

Dallas Real Estate Ranks Top Five Home Price Gains

Clear Capital is predicting further price declines for second half of 2011 with only 5 major metropolitan areas expected to produce home price gains.  Out of 50 major metro areas, Washington D.C., New York, Orlando, Dallas, and San Francisco are expected to preform best with positive home price gains in the .2% – 2.8% range. 

The Dallas real estate market continues to show positive signs of growth in homes sales and home values.  Recent reports point to a slow but steady recovery in both residential and commercial real estate throughout the DFW area.  For more information on the 2011 year end real estate market forecast, check out 2011 July Home Data Report

2011 Top Five Real Estate Market Home Price Gain Forecast:

  1. Washington, DC – 2.8%
  2. New York, NY – 2.6%
  3. Orlando, FL – .7%
  4. Dallas, TX – .3%
  5. San Francisco, CA – .2%

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For more information on real estate in Dallas including current market reports and trends, check out Dallas real estate news.  If you need assistance buying, selling, or renting a home in Dallas, contact DFW Urban Realty.  Our agents specialize in urban home, townhome, condo, loft, and high rise sales.

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