Dallas Urban Lofts Offer Convenient Live Work Lifestyle

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Dallas Lofts  

Dallas Loft

Dallas Loft

If you’re looking for a unique open floorplan, a loft might be the right option for you.  Dallas lofts can be found in Downtown Dallas, Uptown, West Village, Knox Henderson, Turtle Creek, Oaklawn, Addison and even some of the developing suburban areas such as Frisco, Plano and Las Colinas.  Lofts in Dallas offer options for sale or rent and usually found in an urban or arts district.

Dallas Loft Styles

  • Bi-Level/New York-Style/Artist Lofts: Units usually have open bi level floorplan with bedroom on 2nd floor.  Raised vaulted ceilings, downtown urban views, rooftop pools.
  • Industrial Lofts:  Usually found in downtown urban industrial art districts.  These types of lofts are usually converted from office buildings and warehouses.  Many are considered historical and may qualify for certain exemptions such as a historical tax exemptions Ex. Soco Lofts, Canton Lofts
  • Urban Loft Condominium:  Includes warehouse and industrial building conversions and new construction.  These urban apartment and condo style lofts offer features both common to condominiums and urban lofts. Ex. include 588 Lofts, Westside, Tribecca, Mercer Square, Renaissance, Paradiso.
  • Traditional LoftLofts first gained popularity with artists. Traditional lofts are usually built from gutted warehouses and industrial buildings. Lofts have come to be identified as an urban dwelling with minimal lines, open layout, few walls, exposed superstructure, large or numerous windows, and unique modern finishes.
  • Manhattan – SOHO-Style Lofts:  These are lofts popularized in New York’s SOHO district dating back to 1800’s. (South of Houston street, above Canal Street and between Lafayette St and the Hudson River. area and so lofts built in this fashion are sometimes called SOHO-style or traditional lofts.  Usually found in downtown art districts.  Tall ceiling, lots of light, open flat living.
Downtown Dallas Industrial Loft
Downtown Dallas Industrial Loft

Soft Lofts:  Some condos are really soft lofts. A soft loft is an alternative option to the traditional loft. These types of lofts are usually new construction and incorporate features of a traditional loft with a modernistic and contemporary approach.  Offering open layouts with 2 and 3 story floorplans.  Ex. Mercer Square, Tribecca, Bryan Street Lofts, Urban Woods, Vitano Modern

  • Loft Conversions vs. New Construction:  Loft conversions, as the term implies, refers to existing buildings gutted and turned into loft space.  Ex. SoCo (South of Commerce) Lofts in Downtown Dallas. New construction lofts, however, maybe built from vacant land or from other properties. The demand for urban residences with the qualities and essence of lofts but not the traditional features of lofts has created a variety of loft designs. New loft construction or pre-construction lofts have proven to be valuable investments and very desirable residences.  Ex. Bryan Street Lofts
  •  Historical/Industrial Lofts:  Found in downtown urban districts.  Within walking distance to shopping, restaurants, entertainment.  Sometimes carry special tax incentives based on historical significance.  Ex. Soco Urban Lofts located in the South of Commerce District, Canton Lofts in Deep Ellum District, Dallas Power and Lights
  • Mid – Highrise Lofts:  Includes both new and refurbished construction in downtown urban districts.  Contemporary Architecture mixing elements of luxury highrise living with traditional urban condominium lifestyles.  Ex.  Bryan Street Lofts, The Metropolitan Club, Knox Park 

Dallas Lofts For Sale
Dallas Lofts For Sale

Dallas Lofts For Sale

If you are looking to purchase a loft in Dallas, be sure and check out all the details including home owner dues, HOA coverage, any historical tax exemptions in place, proximity to curbside dining, shopping, entertainment, pet polices.  Find the right loft that fits your needs and matches your character and lifestyle.  Below are a few Dallas lofts for sale in the Downtown Dallas area.

588 Lofts – 3110 Thomas Avenue
Soco Lofts – 1122 Jackson Street

Canton Historic Lofts – 2220 Canton Street
West Village Urban Lofts – 3699 McKinney Street

Dallas Lofts For Rent

Are you looking to rent a loft in Dallas?  Dallas offers many different loft option for rent in Downtown Dallas and other areas such as Las Colinas, Plano, Frisco.  One of the most popular properties that offers lofts for rent is The Lofts at Las Colinas.  The Lofts at Las Colinas are located in the Las Colinas Master Planned Community and offer gated community, parking garage, coffee/tea bar, lake views, lap pool with fire pit, direct access to Mandalay Canal, Hike/Bike Trails, and a Pet Park.  Below are just a few options on Dallas Lofts For Rent in the DFW area. 

588 Lofts For Rent – 3110 Thomas
McKinney Lofts For Rent – 1999 McKinney
Live Oak Lofts For Rent – 2502 Live Oak

Cadiz Street Lofts For Rent – 2018 Cadiz 

Dallas Loft Cash Rebate

DFW Urban Realty offers a cash rebate up to $500.00 on select urban lofts in Dallas.  We offer a cash rebate on lofts in Dallas as thanks for using our Free rental locating service.  For a complete list of qualifying Dallas loft properties, please contact one of our Dallas Rental Loft Locating Specialists.

Dallas Lofts For Rent - Davis Bldg

Dallas Lofts For Rent - Davis Bldg

Here are just a few properties that are eligible for a cash rebate:

  • Post Wilson Building
  • Southside on Lamar
  • Magnolia Station
  • American Beauty Mill
  • Cole’s Corner
  • Kirby Residence on Main
  • Deep Ellum Lofts
  • Mitchell Lofts
  • City Park Lofts

For more details and description of the lofts mentioned above please visit:  Dallas Lofts For Rent  To search a complete list of lofts in Dallas for sale and rent, please visit Dallas Lofts.

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